About Coaching...

Ideally, coaching is based on a long term relationship based on a holistic model.  

The client’s goals and dreams will drive the action.  For example, a coach becomes the "go to" person to solve certain life goals. Often issues are solved quickly.  However individuals and/or families come back later for other concerns because they have developed a good and trusting relationship. In my practice I see this time and time again!  

I do not take on clients if I do not think I can help them. Therefore, I will enter our relationship with hope and optimism about our progress.

— Dr. West

"I have had the pleasure to know Dr. West personally and professionally over the past 15 years, and highly recommend her professional services.  She is well-qualified to offer skilled, caring and effective help to those seeking her expertise."
“Dr. West came into my life at one of my lowest points. I was frankly scared to ask for help. However, through her patience, intelligence, and authenticity, she created a positive and trustful environment that allowed me to open up and work on setting goals in my life.  Through her pushing me to be better, I can say that it was one of the best experiences of my life. I am thankful for her professionalism and compassion and the work we did together.”

"Susan is stellar. Smart, savvy, organized, and yet unfailingly warm and responsive, she represents an uncommon blend of talents and aptitudes within and beyond mental health."