Why is life coaching a great idea?

Coaching is designed for individuals and couples who are struggling with a specific identified issue that they want to resolve. It is solution focused and goal oriented work that is not focused on an individual’s psychopathology.
Who can use life coaching?

Anyone who is solution focused and goal oriented and who wants a more enriched life.
What are the benefits of life coaching?

Coaching can be life changing depending on your goals. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can reduce your stress, improve your outlook in life, have healthier relationships, increased job satisfaction, and better parenting skills. Basically if you set realistic goals and work towards them, you can expect changes in any area of your life.
Why Dr. Susan L. West?

Dr. West is a trained licensed psychologist who has worked in a number of clinical settings: hospitals, counseling centers, crisis centers, and private practices. Most recently she took a sabbatical from her personal private practice which she founded and ran for over a decade.
There she focused on the clinical issues of parenting, couples, women, and children. When deciding to return to work, Dr. West looked at what worked and what did not.

She wanted to empower parents, children, and families to thrive not just survive. What better way than teach individuals, couples, and families strategies to help themselves!
How long will it take?

It depends on what you want to work on. Coaching is generally a short term process. Dr. West is here for you to partner up and coach you through your journey. Life is a process. Coaching is a powerful tool to help individuals, families and couples make the most of their lives.
Psychotherapy versus coaching?

Therapy/Counseling is for individuals and couples who are struggling with psychological issues. Coaching is for those individuals coping with a challenging life situation or life situations who are NOT dealing with mental health issues.

Dr. West is here to help you navigate and cheer you along to meet YOUR life goals.

Her objective is to help you cope with these challenges and to teach you how to meet your goals in a collaborative environment.

She will bring her years of training and wisdom to her work. If during your work with Dr. West, she feels that you would benefit from psychotherapy. She will make a referral to one of the highly trained professionals who practice clinical psychology. At no time during her coaching work with you will you receive psychotherapy.

Coaching is NOT psychotherapy. It is about setting goals and achieving them.